Friday, May 30, 2008

VFN is in Chiang Mai

Faithful readers, you are fortunate enough that last night's lodgings in Chiang Mai, Thailand were nice enough to offer a flushing toilet, air conditioning, and free Internet access. The first two only contribute to the mood of VFN's head editor, but the third one directly influences the workings of the blog.

First, here is why I am going to Asia: I want to.

I wish I had some noble goal like busting child prostitution rings (thanks for that line Jaz!) or translating ancient Pali texts. I don't. In Kindergarten my teacher showed our class pictures of the Padoung/Karen tribe in Thailand. I was fascinated. I've wanted to go ever since. Twenty years later, I finally made it happen.

While researching travel options, I realized how close Laos, Vietnam, and Cambodia were to fantastical Thailand. What started as a ten day itinerary grew to encompass six weeks! (One of the major perks to being a teacher (besides all the cafeteria food): long vacations.)


Note to readers: Korean Air gives away a lot of free stuff! We were greeted by blankets, pillows, eye masks, sockies, and toothbrushes and toothpaste. It rocked. Almost worth the $1200 plane ticket right there.

Bibimbap on Korean Airlines

Note to readers: Korean food served on Korean airlines. This was called Bibimbap.


Note to readers: Adorable Korean Air flight attendants (who apparently must meet the job requirements of being tiny and beautiful) will identify you as an ignorant American and provide you with illustrated instructions for how to prepare Bibimbap.

Summary of instructions: dump everything in the bowl. Stir. Eat.

Hilarious Colleen quote after trying the Seaweed Soup: "It has recently come to my attention that I cannot eat this."


Note to readers: try to have a long layover in the Seoul Airport sometime. They have a little area where you can do Korean arts and crafts!!!!

Colleen and I both made one of these little boxes. They have a name. The nice Korean ladies taught me the name. I have forgotten the name, but I know that it rhymed with "Angie."


Note to hygienic readers: bathrooms in the Seoul Airport are covered by a self replacing layer of what appears to be industrial strength saran wrap.


It is so humid in Thailand that your lens will immediately fog up when you are standing on the balcony overlooking your hotel's garden. :)


My favorite shot from my first morning in Thailand. The sun is illuminating the leaves outside our balcony.

Well, my Flickr pictures have finished uploading, so I no longer have any excuse to stay on the computer while Chiang Mai awaits!!!


JEM said...

Awesome! Can't wait to see more! I'm glad you got there safe and sound.

tonksfam said...

Wow, that airline food looks fairly decent! Chicago's O'Hare airport has the industrial strength, self-replacing plastic on the seats too. Weird, eh? I'm excited that you get to live your dream! Enjoy it all!!

mackey family said...

I think the airlines in America need to be like this Korean Air! I was wondering why you chose Southeast Asia to travel too...good thing you have these tour guides to show you around. Very jealous.....