Saturday, August 30, 2008

How To Survive: Take Advantage of Fresh Stuff

I hadn't been to the store for a while, so I thought I'd take a walk over and see what was available. Imagine my surprise when I was BOMBARDED with fresh stuff! Wahoo! Needless to say, I exercised no restraint and bought it all. Now I have some very big plans. Here's what I scored:


Butter. Real butter. I went to the store hoping to find this so that I can make Steve some from-scratch chocolate cake. It turns out that my recent baking escapades have only involved my favorite types of desserts (mainly centered around caramel). I had been selfishly ignoring Steve's preferences (it happens sometimes).

one pound of butter = $5.15


I postponed my chocolate cake plans when I discovered these apples. They weren't the firmest apples around, but they were free from mold, rottenness, and oozing juices, which makes them outstanding village apples. I will use them to make an apple pie. Lucky Steve...

four apples = $5.65


Peppers! Green peppers! Steve didn't like peppers when we got married. Now he loves them. I consider that one of my finest achievements. Some of these beauties are destined for fajitas with homemade tortillas, but tonight I will use two of them in stuffed peppers. It was going to be a surprise for Steve, but as soon as he woke up from his nap, I told him.

five green peppers = $6.25


Onions make pretty regular appearances at the store, but I'm still grateful for them. Mostly I'm grateful that when I put my hand in the onion bin I didn't touch anything soft and squishy.

Four yellow onions = $3.92


These are my babies. I heart tomatoes. I used to eat them like apples when I didn't live at the edge of the earth. The tomatoes that make it to Shishmaref are usually mushy, but these look pretty good. Of course, it helps that I dumped out the little green basket and filled it with only the firmest red spheres. I felt a little guilty, but I'd do it again in a heartbeat.

pint of cherry tomatoes = $2.29 (I was so jazzed when the cashier said that price that I hollered, "Wahoo!!!" Right in the store. In front of people.)


Since I bought the tomatoes, I had to buy cream cheese so I could make garlic stuffed tomatoes. I'm a little bit ashamed to admit how excited I am to eat the tomatoes stuffed with the cream cheese. My fixation on them has reached the "unhealthy" stage.

sixteen ounces of cream cheese = $8.55


Eggs. Always a good idea, especially if Steve is overcome with a desire to make me breakfast in bed.

one dozen eggs = $3.49


This last purchase was purely a token of love for Steve-o. He likes to make pizza. I want him to be able to do things that he likes. I also want to encourage him to cook as often as possible. :)

thirty slices of pepperoni = $3.15

Grand total (with tax) = $39.22

Major excitement and staving off food boredom for another week = priceless.


Breezi said...

I'm so happy for you that you got some yummy fruit and veggies :o)
Enjoy the goodness!

* I too would have dumped out the bad tomatoes and put in all good tomatoes.... kudos to you!*

tonksfam said...

Ohhhh, I never thought of stuffing tomatoes! Which is probably a good thing, because we can't afford cream cheese at our prices anyway!! But boy did you make my taste buds raise their little hands and shout "Me next!!"

Adrianna said...

Angie I love reading your posts! You have great voice as a writer, and your stories are so entertaining to read :) I too also love cherry tomatoes, but sadly I hardly eat them up here. I hope your school year is going well, and you are enjoying all the political hype going on with the elections. Take care.

JEM said...

I just realized all this business totally reminds me of "Firefly", how any time they can get real, fresh food, it's like Christmas.

Just remember to cut those apples and not bite right into them. I wouldn't want you two "ending at the ribcage", as Zoe said.

Anonymous said... jealous! I love cherry tomatoes, but came back before they were even growing this now next summer it will be 2 YEARS since I have been able to gorge myself on them....I did have a FEW this summer...
I like your idea of posting food prices...I should do that for my family, they always ask. I just say I try not to think about it. Blueberries are in, here, making my eating all that much better for present! =)

mackey family said...

Angie...that is insane you are spending that much for produce!!! I would mail you some, but of course, it would probably go bad. How come you are an amazing cook with so little items, and I'm a terrible cook with everything?