Sunday, September 21, 2008

How to Survive: Trips to Town

Steve had to go into Nome this weekend. The reason he had to go had nothing to do with grocery shopping, but that was definitely a bonus.


I sent Steve with a list of groceries to bring home. I thought we should take advantage of an opportunity to buy things we can't get in Shishmaref.


I was so smitten with the beautiful bottles of vinegar that I had to take some wannabe artistic shots.


It's fun to play with pretty bottles.


Steve also made some of his own purchases. I was especially excited to see the cilantro (that's the green stuff on the left). Cilantro is our favorite herb.


Steve also picked up some plain yogurt. I've been dying to try some recipes with plain yogurt. I'm especially excited about the prospect of making my own cream cheese and sour cream.


Our new ingredients freshened up our fajitas. Fajitas make regular appearances at the VFN household. Not to brag, but we make the awesomest homemade tortillas. Our tortillas were joined by some equally awesome homemade salsa, which started out as the above pictured canned tomatoes. (I would have loved to use fresh tomatoes, but the tomatoes at our store were all moldy.)


Then I added beans, corn, and lime juice


Then I chopped the cilantro with my ulu. As you can tell, I got a little lazy with my chopping.


I added the cilantro and sealed the salsa in a tupperware dish. Then Steve reminded me that I forgot to add the white wine vinegar. (One of the reasons I wanted to make the salsa was because Steve brought home the white wine vinegar. Duh.) I sealed the tupperware again. Then I had to open it to add the fresh onions. Double duh. I put the tupperware in the fridge for the third time. Then I let it sit overnight so that the flavors could meld.


I also used cilantro to season the chicken for the fajitas.


This is how fajitas start Alston style. You always put the sour cream on the tortillas first.


Then you add the meat stuff.


If your husband went to Nome over the weekend, you add your delicious homemade salsa. The online recipe said that some people like to eat it with a fork straight out of the bowl. I thought those people were weird until I tried it. It is definitely worth eating with a fork. In fact, I may do exactly that after I finish this post. :)


Breezi said...

yummmy... you made my mouth water!

I have an awesome tortilla soup recipe that makes my mouth water just thinking about it.
It's a creamy yummy goodness one, not a watery one. And all it takes is a bunch of canned soups, so it's easy to prepare. I'll have to send you the recipe. :o)
It also has cilantro in it, so bonus, you get your fav. herb in!

Super Angie said...

Breezi, please hook me up with the recipe! I need to make the most of my cilantro!!!

Dorese said...

YUM! That salsa looks so great! I like that it doesn't have any peppers in it... we're a little gun-shy in our house. :) And will the editor of VFN be posting this amazing delicious creamy tortilla soup recipe mentioned by another gentle reader? (This gentle reader sure hopes so!)

jake said...

when can we come over?

mackey family said...

Can you email me the fajitas and your salsa recipe? That looked great!

BrittWilk said...

so yummy! and your pictures look gorgeous, as usual. love the ones of the vinegar bottles! :)