Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Thoughts and the Saga of Grandma Plant- Part II

VFN interrupts our usual coverage of life in Alaska to bring you our annual Easter photo:


This is the Shishmaref graveyard.

I had a lot of fun editing this picture. So much fun, in fact, that I couldn't decide which one I wanted to share. So, I decided to share them all...

Graveyard Seventies

I liked the colors in this one. Steve thought it looked like it was taken in the seventies. I told him that was kind of the point.

Graveyard Heartland

This one was fun too. It looks really old, like maybe I found it in an old book about Shishmaref.

Graveyard Elusive

This one was almost my favorite. I loved the purple tones and the warm colors. Mmmmmmmm...

All of these pictures could be considered sad pictures, but I like thinking of the hope of a next life.

And I can't think about hope without thinking of Grandma Plant.

52:2 Grandma Plant Part II

The original story of Grandma Plant was published last Easter, but here's a quick recap:

-After my beloved Grandma Busch passed away, my dad adopted her houseplants.
-Dad gave me a cutting of one plant to try to grow in Alaska.
-A series of traumatic events threatened the livelihood of Grandma Plant.
-The little plant pulled through.

I thought I would post an update for this Easter.

Grandma Plant is doing great. The old plastic cup has been upgraded to a ceramic pot. The four leaves have turned into twenty. Grandma Plant has not resisted my attempts to guide its growth in an aesthetically pleasing shape. (Hey little wooden stick! Thanks for helping me shape Grandma Plant!)

Once again, I am amazed at the resilience of this little plant and ever grateful for the memories it preserves. Life triumphs over death. The Grandma Plant thrives, and Grandma will live again.


Missy Grossman said...

Long live the Grandma Plant!! The pics look great.

Colleen Marie said...

I love the purpleish one. but i bet you already knew that.

Wes Harris said...

Yay! for the little Grandma Plant that could.