Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Adventures in Feeding a Baby


It was time for this little lady to eat something besides formula.


We started off introducing the spoon.


Immediate success. Spoon to mouth. Check.


Then we added a little rice cereal.


Bland, yet satisfying.


We ended with a slightly messy but reasonably happy baby.


I got a little excited about the prospect of feeding Kaitlyn, so I started to prepare for the days beyond rice cereal.


Hello, food processor.


Hello, cute baby in a walker while Mommy works in the kitchen.


Am I a bad mom if I didn't take the time to smooth the baby food in the ice cube trays?


Note to Readers: Broccoli does not make good baby food.


After a few more days of rice cereal practice we made the above progress. Notice how she is opening her mouth for the spoon. Notice also how her tongue is on the side of the high chair tray. :)


This little girl is well on her way to entering the world of solid food.

***Apologies to readers if this post is suspiciously like a mommy blog. Commentary on life in rural Alaska will resume shortly.


Brynn said...

what an adorable post! You are such a great mommy ang!

Missy said...

She is one cute baby.
And don't fear the mommy blog, embrace it! I tried to resist too once, but Addie is such a huge part of my days that she seeps her way into every post.
Such is life.

Kyle & Erika said...

Sooooo cute! You can mommy blog all you want, we like to read it.

Missy! said...

it looks like she's catching on pretty quick. and she's super cute

etreiersen said...

Your daughter is adorable! I love her chubby cheeks. I made my kids homemade baby food too. Neither of my kids have ever had boxed rice cereal or baby food from a jar. I never smoothed out the food in the ice cube trays, and they both survived:)

Keep the pictures coming of that cute little baby!

Rick, Erin, Chelsea, and Brienna said...

I agree with Missy: EMBRACE the mommy blogging! I love your normal posts, but keep those baby pictures/adventure stories coming!