Thursday, October 13, 2011

Mommy Blog: Progress We're Not Exactly Excited About

Kaityn's been learning how to do new things.  We're not exactly excited about them.


That's right ladies and gentlemen...


Kaitlyn can now pull herself up on things.


And while she looks adorable, it means our lives will never be the same.


Here's another one of her favorite tricks.

What?  You can't tell what's going on in this picture?

Note to readers: for maximum enjoyment of this and the next picture, please notice that Kaitlyn is only wearing one sock.  That happens a lot around here...


How about now?  A baby on top of the stereo receiver and DVD player.  What could possibly go wrong with that?


The final piece of bad news is that Kaitlyn's hair is now long enough to "be fixed."  500 small black rubber bands came in the mail yesterday, so now there is no excuse to not fix Kaitlyn's hair.

This may not seem like such a travesty, but it is.  Readers who knew me growing up will understand why this is so scary to me.

Note to readers regarding the above photo: This was the best I could do.  I am aware that her hands are cut off.  And she's not looking.  And there's a funky shadow.  Please do not let it get in the way of enjoying this blog post.  Thank you.

Additional note to readers: I am formally sorry for any baby blog pictures that I have judged in the past.  Taking pictures of babies is hard.  My respect goes out to anyone who even tries.

Busch Girls in Matching Dresses

(I am the one on the left.)  Not too bad, huh?  That's because my mom did my hair.

Matching Green Dresses for Christmas

(I am, again, on the left.)  My mom was still doing my hair at this point, but it was starting to get out of control (Hey Mom!  Thanks for the poofy bangs!)  (Hey 1980s!  Thanks for the crimping fad!)

Eating Watermelon at Grandma and Grandpa's House

(I'm on the far right.)  But this.  This I have to take full responsibility for.  Not only did I dress myself, but I did my own hair.

Ready for Church

(I'm the one standing on the far right.)  I was way old enough to do my own hair at this point...

Thanksgiving 1996-ish

(I'm standing in the back left corner.)  And the results were not pretty.  Could my bangs be any thicker?


My sister Mandy's hair always looked nice.  And she's fixed her own hair since about second grade.  Sigh.  (Hey Universe!  Why are you so unfair?)  Anytime in my life my hair has looked nice (Prom, my wedding, occasional church meetings when I begged her to help me out), it's because Mandy did it.  Unfortunately, Mandy is far away from Alaska, or I would outsource the duty of fixing Kaitlyn's hair in a heartbeat. 

So, Kaitlyn, I apologize for the years you are about to endure.  It won't be easy.  And you'll probably look back and cringe.  There will be times you will wonder, "Why me?"  Just remember, the alternative is Daddy fixing your hair...


Melody said...


That dimple must've been a trademark for you your whole life, eh?

Kaitlyn's getting so big! Good luck with the hair.

Missy said...

I hear you. I hope Addie likes the ponytail... cause that's all I've got...

Love the 80's shots!

Holly said...

I love the Unionbay overalls. totally had them in a few different washes.

...said the girl who totally missed the point...

Missy! said...

wow...she is so big! good luck with keeping her out of stuff - it's a long road.

but maybe you won't have to do her hair for too long - our oldest refuses much more than a brush-through, so her hair is usually straggly.