Saturday, December 15, 2012

Fashion Show

First Outfit

This is a picture of Levi’s first outfit.  As in, the first time he wore anything other than a diaper.  The outfit is among the many that belong to the NICU and was chosen for Levi by his nurse.

(Note to readers: Do not be alarmed by the disturbing bag under Levi's left eye.  The Tegaderm was pulling on the skin a little bit, but it did no permanent damage.  Thank you.)

 Tiny Fist

This is a close-up of Levi’s tiny fist while wearing his first outfit.

(Note to readers: Please forgive the quality of the picture.  I did not have my macro lens.  Thank you.)

Levi and Santa

This is Levi’s first outfit purchased by VFN’s editor-in-chief aka Mommy.  It also happens to be Levi’s first special occasion outfit (what’s more special than a visit from Santa?).

Levi's Fancy Shoes

It even had little shoes.

Daddy Loves Me 

This is Levi’s first outfit purchased by Mommy that wasn’t a special occasion outfit.

It says, “Daddy loves me.”  And guess what?  He does.

Bananas Over Mommy

This is the first pair of jammies purchased by Mommy.

It says, “Bananas over Mommy.”  Guess what?  He is.

All Swaddled Up

Mommy took great pleasure in dressing Levi up.  Even though most of the clothes are not visible under the swaddle...


This fashion show is brought to you by the fact that Levi is no longer in an isolette.

Open Crib

He is in an open crib.   One step closer to home.

Final note to readers: Anyone who thinks the amount of picture-taking is ridiculous might want to think back to Kaitlyn’s early days.  It’s only going to get more ridiculous.


etreiersen said...

Best Fashion Show ever! I love the monkey pajamas. Levi is so precious:)

Paulene Manning said...

I'm excited to follow your blog and keep up with the life and times of the Alston family. You are special people.

The Hoogland Family said...

Oh how fun it is to dress up your baby! Especially when you haven't been able to for so happy to hear that he is doing better, progress is slow but good!

Breezi@ Not Your Average Fairytale said...

He looks rather dapper in all of his duds!

Congrats on moving to a regular crib, buddy!

Nick and Brent said...

Not ridiculous...keep all the pictures coming. What a precious little guy!

Anonymous said...

I just burst out crying tears of joy for you guys over the picture of Levi and Santa! That is the best picture! And WOOHOO on breathing on his own! What a miracle! Oh, and BTW, I love the name, a good strong but gentle name. It is shared by a special person to me. My hubby! SO happy for you guys!