Thursday, September 1, 2011

Fun Fact: My Favorite Way to Eat Berries

Alaska's Bounty

I was going to tell you that these berries were Alaskan blueberries, but then I did an internet search to make sure. It turns out I've been misidentifying these berries for almost seven years. According to this and this they are blackberries or crowberries.

At any rate, the above picture is of Alaskan berries. They grow near Shishmaref and Brevig Mission.


Frozen berries are best served in a little glass bowl...


sprinkled with sugar...


and covered with evaporated milk (my friend Ginger uses half and half, but I don't keep that around the house).


The milk crystallizes around the frozen berries, and the sugar makes it just sweet enough.

Mmmmmmmm. The bounty of Alaska.

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Chelsey said...

This is how we eat our berries in Scammon, so yummy!