Sunday, October 5, 2008

Hello Snow


Hello Snow. Welcome to Shishmaref. You came a little early this year.


Hello icicles on my neighbor's roof.

Feet With First Snow

Goodbye wearing my Chacos to class. Goodbye cuffing my pants because they're too long with sandals.


Hello big clunky winter boots.


Goodbye sand that tracks in on our shoes and gathers in piles throughout the house.


Hello snow that tracks in on our boots and makes wet puddles on our floor.

Angie Frolics on the Beach

Goodbye frolicking on the beach.


Hello beach covered in snow.

Just Another Arctic Sunset

Goodbye hours of watching temperate sunsets over water.


Hello watching seconds of freezing sunsets over snow.

The seasons have changed...


Breezi said...

What?? No falling leaves coming off of the maple and cedar trees that are so abundant in Alaska?

Super Angie said...

Not a tree in sight!!!!!

Breezi said...

bummer... I'll have to take some pictures of the beautiful Ohio trees and post them for you, so at least you get to enjoy someone's fall colors :o)
We just have to wait till they start turning.......

Wes Harris said...

This is a sad post :(
But great pictures!!!

Shelby and Ted said...

I thought your post was great!It made me laugh. It showed the ups and downs. I am sad to see summer go too!

nick in elim said...

I AM SO HAPPY SNOW IS COMING! we haven't had any in Elim but things are freezing up. I like the pic with steve in his shorts and boots, true alaskan style.

JEM said...

It makes me cold just looking at it. But so beautiful, too. That last shot of the snowy sunset beach — wow. Gorgeous in a kind of otherworldy way.

Adrianna said...

What a cool post! I too have been noticing the change in season. I feel like here in Alaska we go from summer to winter in a matter of weeks. I really enjoyed seeing you last week and I can't wait for inservice.

Ben and Missy said...

Angie, nice to meet you! Your pictures are gorgeous. It's nice to know someone else experiencing the darkness and cold of an arctic winter. To the long johns!