Thursday, January 14, 2010

Social Studies Does Not Always Rock

I'm getting a class set of laptops. That probably sounds like a weird thing to be complaining about, but consider the following things:

-A class set of laptops requires a laptop cart.

-The laptop cart was place in the middle of my classroom at the end of last week.

-There was no room for aforementioned laptop cart.

-Finding a place for the laptop cart required rearranging my entire classroom (probably long overdue, since the room's been basically the same since I came five years ago)

-I have several heavy shelves and bureaus in my classroom.

-I have no measurable upper body strength with which to move said heavy objects.

-The strapping boys in my student government class were thrilled (yeah right) to help me.

-The boys, whom I love dearly, have a tendency to be L-A-Z-Y.

-There is only one set of shelves in my classroom that is painstakingly organized.

-The boys dismissed the suggestions of their teacher (who is obviously dumb as dirt) to remove the books prior to relocating the shelves.


This was also the day before Parent-Teacher Conferences. Good thing I managed to find it in me to laugh and take a picture. :)


Amber said...

Ha. Funny, sad story. Is that a picture or a window to the right of the bookshelf?

Wes Harris said...

Ha ha, You're not dumb as dirt Angie. Clearly. Ah PTC's, I'm not a teacher or a parent(quite yet) and they still impact my life. I bet Steve would have emptied at least half of it.

I'm going with Window but it could be a picture.

Super Angie said...

It is a window. The prolonged sunrises and sunsets make for some amazing views.

Colleen Marie said...

That's not the sun. That's the light outside my classroom, shining on the snow. Or is that the wrong window?

Super Angie said...

Cleenie Weenie Chili Beanie is right. The direct light is provided by the light outside her classroom. The colors are provided by the slowly rising sun.

Marcus Pulsipher said...

Wow, what nice young people you work with! Of course, weren't we all the same way at that age? Well, at least I was.