Monday, September 12, 2011

Mommy Blog: Kaitlyn Lately

Taking the advice of my esteemed readers, I'm going to embrace the concept of the mommy blog. I'm not ready to give up all of VFN to mommy land, but I am willing to create a new category: Mommy Blog.


This is Kaitlyn's pose of choice. She seriously does it all the time, complete with her arm stuck out.


Bathtime is fun time. Now that Mommy has mastered the art of the getting the temperature right, Kaitlyn really enjoys her baths.


The drying off part is not so much fun...


Kaitlyn loves to stick out her tongue. Daddy insists it is a sign of intelligence.


We've officially entered the teething stage. Two coming in on the bottom, and two ready to pop out on top. That means a lot of drool, a little bit of fussiness, and a daily struggle to apply Anbesol.


etreiersen said...

Kaitlyn is way too cute. I think she is definitively the star of the blog, although we do enjoy reading about your Alaskan Adventures as well.

The picture of her sticking out her tongue is adorable. I bet Steve is right. Sure sign of high intelligence :)

Jennifer Harris said...

She is so adorable! It really is amazing how fast they grow at this age. I can't believe how much older she looks already!

The Hoogland Family said...

hey, there is no shame in showing the blogging world your adorable little girl! Even if you bragged a little, that would still be ok!

Anonymous said...

love it...keep it coming. Cathy McPhedran

Nick and Brent said...

No shame in mommy blogs...especially when you have a little girl as cute as yours! Don't you love trying to put baby anbesol on teething babies? Half the time it ends up on their lips or tongue, so I've never figured out of it works. My boys turned into beavers and chewed up everything when they were teething...especially board books, so watch out!